Wall Hung Vanities

Wall Hung Vanities have become the standard in New Zealand bathroom designs.
Wall Hung Vanities
icon-angle-double-rightEnable the room to feel larger
icon-angle-double-rightHave no wasted internal space (where things get lost)
icon-angle-double-rightHave easy access to everything you need
icon-angle-double-rightDon’t swell from water sitting on the floor and
icon-angle-double-rightThey are far easier to clean around.

Wall Hung Vanities in Bathroom designs

Toilet and Bathroom Design

Toilet and Bathroom Design In this house the owners wanted to create a large shower and incorporate plenty of storage for their two adult daughters. This involved removal of the existing bath and installation of wall cabinets and a vanity with a large basin and 2 taps. Toilet and Bathroom Design

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