Bathroom Design Process

This Bathroom Design Process is to help you get a bathroom designed that suits you, your home, the style of your home (or a style that suit you) and using the space you have as efficiently as possible.

We are here to Design Your New Bathroom

It does not matter where you live.

  • We use up to date sophisticated 3D Design Software to design your new bathroom
  • The same we use every day to design bathrooms for all our Bathroom Renovation Clients.
  • We will supply photo realistic images of your proposed bathroom which will be to scale and showing
        • (a) Position of each item
        • (b) Colour scheme showing tile placement and paint colours
        • (c) Estimate of costs (when requested)

To have your Bathroom Designed by us, this is some examples of what we need from you.

Once you have decided your requirements (either the Bronze, Silver or Gold ), could you please complete the payment and we will forward an information kit via email for you to download, print if need be, complete and return to us, preferably by email.

This kit will include a floor plan, wall elevations and a questionnaire for you to complete. They are designed for you to modify as required, giving us as much information as possible so we can complete your bathroom plans.

Below are some examples of the information we require from you, to enable us to completely design your bathroom using 3D design software.

Examples of Finished Plans

Example of Completed Floor Plan 

Items to Note

  • The existing toilet position (measurement is from wall to center of pan)
  • Window positions
      • Measure from side wall to edge of architrave
      • Off set in this plan ie; not center of room
  • Door and Window widths including architraves please

(click on images to enlarge)

Example Floor Plan Room Sizes

Example Floor Plan Room Sizes

Example of Completed Wall Elevation 

Items to Note

We will supply various possible wall elevations to cover for different houses.

Some Elevations we would supply are

      • Walls with windows
      • Walls without either a door or windows
      • Walls with doors
      • Walls with windows and toilet (as in example)

Example of Bathroom Wall Elevation with Toilet

Example of Bathroom Wall Elevation with Toilet

 icon-chevron-circle-right The more information you can give us the better the finished plans will be.

 icon-chevron-circle-right We recommend you take some photos or videos of your existing rooms and forward them to us with the measurement files.

 icon-chevron-circle-right The position of any specific item is controlled by the measurements you give us, as an example if the 450mm (center of toilet) was changed to 1350mm we would place the toilet 1350mm from the LH wall. and it would end up in the middle of the images we give you.

To Start the Design with Bathroom Designer click here and choose which design plan suits you best.